2011 Spring/Summer Fashions for Men


Spring / Summer fashion for men this year is all about accessories and color accents: socks, neckties and scarves. Well chosen accessories will be easy on your wallet and add a contemporary, suave, and cool finish to both dress and casual wear.


As far as fabrics are concerned, mens ties remain classic in silk. Where you can experiment is with color. A monochrome suit – grey is perfect – brought to life with the hit of a yellow tie is an eye catching and very trendy look. For more traditional wearers, marine colors are this season’s choice.


You can also experiment with the width of your tie. Trends are toward the narrow tie. For a contemporary look, wear your tie loosened at the neck, with narrow-legged trousers and a jacket with narrow lapel or a fitted coat. Choose from plain colors, stripes, paisleys or checks.


This is also the season of the bow tie. So don’t relegate bow ties to the category of formal wear, such as black tie dinners. You can wear a bow tie with a shirt, blazer and jeans for a cool, edgy look during a night in the city.


Scarves are also in fashion. If you don’t own any, buy them online. There is a wide range of scarves that you can buy – silks, checks, stripes, paisleys and plain. There are also many ways to wear a man’s scarf – tied, knotted or simply wrapped around the neck a couple of times. Try wearing a silk scarf like a cravat.


Men’s socks are also a hot new trend on catwalks around the world. Matching socks with ties is the perfect way to add balance to your wardrobe and break the monotony of wearing black, brown, blue and grey. You’ll be surprised how the look comes together with the perfect suit.

So be bold and launch into this fashion season with color and an adventurous spirit.

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Special Occasion Ties


If you’ve been invited to a special event you may be wondering what to wear. Here are some ideas about what to wear to a wedding ties, black tie, cocktail and other special event when the dress codes below are specified:


White Tie Dress
(ultra formal). This means a black short jacket that doesn’t fasten in front with two long black tails. A white wing collar shirt, white vest and white tie worn.


Black Tie Dress: This means the tuxedo (no tails). The most attractive and classy look for men is the classic black tuxedo with black tie, white dress shirt, cufflinks & studs.


Formal Dress 
(sometimes called Black Tie Optional): Most cruise ship formal evenings are at this level). This means a tux but a dark suit can also work. If wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and dark tie works best. Dark dress socks and well shined dark dress shoes.


(Cocktail or Holiday Attire, more formal Christmas party or wedding): Good quality dark suit, white shirt, dark tie with dark socks and black shoes
(lighter colored suit, brighter colored shirt and tie will work for a day time event).


Informal Dress:
 This means standard business wear. Could be a suit but more likely dress pants and a sports jacket with or without a tie.


Business Casual: 
A jacket is not necessary (but preferable) colorful shirt/fine gauge knit top. Tie is optional but makes all the difference. It’s still a special occasion so if jeans are worn make sure they are dark and in good shape and dress them up with a jacket and skinny tie.


Graduation Ceremonies: There’s not much seen under a cap and gown but a colorful tie or bow tie will give the graduate extra recognition. Guests tend to wear semi formal dress or casual but, apart from photo opportunities, you’ll not really be the one in the spotlight on this occasion.


Success Secret: 
Weddings and special occasions are just that – special occasions.
 To look a little classier and feel more confident, dress at the same level as the top dressed 20% of people attending the event.


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Skinny ties are fashion again.

For style conscious young men – and women – ties are now a fashion choice. In a culture of Twenty-First Century diversity, where there is no longer the pressure to conform to a dress code, ties – skinny neckties in particular – have become a fashion statement.


The retro look of the 50s and 60s – the Beatles era – is popular again and narrow ties are part of that look. But the skinny tie is in fashion no matter what your style. Worn on the red carpet, by fashion conscious men in the market place, on the catwalk – both with high fashion suits and eclectic style combinations – and by the designers of those fashions.

Some wear the skinny tie not as a formal fashion accessory, but often combined with jeans and a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves and collar open. This necktie is not tied like those worn by businessmen. When worn with casual clothes, the tie knot on the skinny tie is more casual – slightly loose and non-symmetrical. Black, brown, grey, charcoal and silver are the most popular colors for this style.

However, there is plenty of freedom for you to add you own personal style. The most important thing when wearing skinny ties is to feel good about making a fashion statement and to wear it with confidence.



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Bow Ties: More Versatile Than You Thought

Okay so I have something decent to write today finally.. here’s my take on bow ties 🙂


When the tuxedo was invented in 1886, bow ties found their niche as a mark of suave sophistication. In the Twentieth Century, James Bond and Fred Astaire epitomized the bow tie as a class accessory.


Traditionally, black and white bow ties have been reserved for formal occasions, like weddings and black-tie dinners, normally matched with other clothing items, accessories and sometimes a woman’s dress. The batwing and the butterfly are two of the most popular shapes of bow ties going. Butterfly bow ties are shaped like an hourglass and display a distinctive style of a bow look. Batwing bow ties present a more rectangular and narrow end.


The more colorful bow ties have tended to be worn by lawyers, physicians, architects and other professionals. Colored bow ties are also strongly associated with some of the most distinctive characters on television.


The Casual Look:

Nowadays men wear bow ties outside of formal events. A bow tie in a casual setting shows confidence and style. The bow tie is increasingly taking its place as an important and trend-setting accessory in fashion shows and being worn by a growing number of fashion conscious men – and women.



Mens ties also gained renewed interest with the young generation when they were worn by some of the characters from the TV series “Gossip Girls”. The characters were seen wearing bow ties to social events and gatherings. After this, there were numerous other shows where characters were seen wearing bow ties. Fashion designers including Manolo Blahnik and Karl Lagerfeld, and even the San Francisco Giants’ pitcher, Tim Lincecum, also wear bow ties.

 I’ve found lots of good ties available for sale at http://www.aussieties.com.au/  . They’re Australia based and pretty cheap from what I can see.

Hopefully it won’t be so long til I get my next article done 🙂


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Blogs are hard work

I haven’t even blinked and it’s time to do another post. Since I started this blog I’ve found it’s amazing how many people on tv I’ve noticed are wearing ties now. News presenters, Donald Trump on the apprentice, all the wedding shows, judges on reality shows. No wonder I’m semi obsessed with ties with them being in my line of sight all day every day!

I didn’t really manage my time really well to leave enough time for doing a great post today but I’ll try do a better one tomorrow. I was thinking about writing about bow ties and when that’s a better choice over just your normal tie so we’ll see how that goes and see if I get inspired enough to make it really good!

Anyway cheers for now. Maybe you could check out http://thetie.yolasite.com/


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First post on my new blog

Hi there, I’m Mike.

This blog is for me to share my love about ties and related accessories. Expect loads of fashion tips and great reasons to come back and see how my blog develops as time goes on!

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