2011 Spring/Summer Fashions for Men


Spring / Summer fashion for men this year is all about accessories and color accents: socks, neckties and scarves. Well chosen accessories will be easy on your wallet and add a contemporary, suave, and cool finish to both dress and casual wear.


As far as fabrics are concerned, mens ties remain classic in silk. Where you can experiment is with color. A monochrome suit – grey is perfect – brought to life with the hit of a yellow tie is an eye catching and very trendy look. For more traditional wearers, marine colors are this season’s choice.


You can also experiment with the width of your tie. Trends are toward the narrow tie. For a contemporary look, wear your tie loosened at the neck, with narrow-legged trousers and a jacket with narrow lapel or a fitted coat. Choose from plain colors, stripes, paisleys or checks.


This is also the season of the bow tie. So don’t relegate bow ties to the category of formal wear, such as black tie dinners. You can wear a bow tie with a shirt, blazer and jeans for a cool, edgy look during a night in the city.


Scarves are also in fashion. If you don’t own any, buy them online. There is a wide range of scarves that you can buy – silks, checks, stripes, paisleys and plain. There are also many ways to wear a man’s scarf – tied, knotted or simply wrapped around the neck a couple of times. Try wearing a silk scarf like a cravat.


Men’s socks are also a hot new trend on catwalks around the world. Matching socks with ties is the perfect way to add balance to your wardrobe and break the monotony of wearing black, brown, blue and grey. You’ll be surprised how the look comes together with the perfect suit.

So be bold and launch into this fashion season with color and an adventurous spirit.

By thetieguys

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