Special Occasion Ties


If you’ve been invited to a special event you may be wondering what to wear. Here are some ideas about what to wear to a wedding ties, black tie, cocktail and other special event when the dress codes below are specified:


White Tie Dress
(ultra formal). This means a black short jacket that doesn’t fasten in front with two long black tails. A white wing collar shirt, white vest and white tie worn.


Black Tie Dress: This means the tuxedo (no tails). The most attractive and classy look for men is the classic black tuxedo with black tie, white dress shirt, cufflinks & studs.


Formal Dress 
(sometimes called Black Tie Optional): Most cruise ship formal evenings are at this level). This means a tux but a dark suit can also work. If wearing a dark suit, a white shirt and dark tie works best. Dark dress socks and well shined dark dress shoes.


(Cocktail or Holiday Attire, more formal Christmas party or wedding): Good quality dark suit, white shirt, dark tie with dark socks and black shoes
(lighter colored suit, brighter colored shirt and tie will work for a day time event).


Informal Dress:
 This means standard business wear. Could be a suit but more likely dress pants and a sports jacket with or without a tie.


Business Casual: 
A jacket is not necessary (but preferable) colorful shirt/fine gauge knit top. Tie is optional but makes all the difference. It’s still a special occasion so if jeans are worn make sure they are dark and in good shape and dress them up with a jacket and skinny tie.


Graduation Ceremonies: There’s not much seen under a cap and gown but a colorful tie or bow tie will give the graduate extra recognition. Guests tend to wear semi formal dress or casual but, apart from photo opportunities, you’ll not really be the one in the spotlight on this occasion.


Success Secret: 
Weddings and special occasions are just that – special occasions.
 To look a little classier and feel more confident, dress at the same level as the top dressed 20% of people attending the event.


By thetieguys

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