Skinny ties are fashion again.

For style conscious young men – and women – ties are now a fashion choice. In a culture of Twenty-First Century diversity, where there is no longer the pressure to conform to a dress code, ties – skinny neckties in particular – have become a fashion statement.


The retro look of the 50s and 60s – the Beatles era – is popular again and narrow ties are part of that look. But the skinny tie is in fashion no matter what your style. Worn on the red carpet, by fashion conscious men in the market place, on the catwalk – both with high fashion suits and eclectic style combinations – and by the designers of those fashions.

Some wear the skinny tie not as a formal fashion accessory, but often combined with jeans and a dress shirt with rolled up sleeves and collar open. This necktie is not tied like those worn by businessmen. When worn with casual clothes, the tie knot on the skinny tie is more casual – slightly loose and non-symmetrical. Black, brown, grey, charcoal and silver are the most popular colors for this style.

However, there is plenty of freedom for you to add you own personal style. The most important thing when wearing skinny ties is to feel good about making a fashion statement and to wear it with confidence.



By thetieguys

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