Bow Ties: More Versatile Than You Thought

Okay so I have something decent to write today finally.. here’s my take on bow ties 🙂


When the tuxedo was invented in 1886, bow ties found their niche as a mark of suave sophistication. In the Twentieth Century, James Bond and Fred Astaire epitomized the bow tie as a class accessory.


Traditionally, black and white bow ties have been reserved for formal occasions, like weddings and black-tie dinners, normally matched with other clothing items, accessories and sometimes a woman’s dress. The batwing and the butterfly are two of the most popular shapes of bow ties going. Butterfly bow ties are shaped like an hourglass and display a distinctive style of a bow look. Batwing bow ties present a more rectangular and narrow end.


The more colorful bow ties have tended to be worn by lawyers, physicians, architects and other professionals. Colored bow ties are also strongly associated with some of the most distinctive characters on television.


The Casual Look:

Nowadays men wear bow ties outside of formal events. A bow tie in a casual setting shows confidence and style. The bow tie is increasingly taking its place as an important and trend-setting accessory in fashion shows and being worn by a growing number of fashion conscious men – and women.



Mens ties also gained renewed interest with the young generation when they were worn by some of the characters from the TV series “Gossip Girls”. The characters were seen wearing bow ties to social events and gatherings. After this, there were numerous other shows where characters were seen wearing bow ties. Fashion designers including Manolo Blahnik and Karl Lagerfeld, and even the San Francisco Giants’ pitcher, Tim Lincecum, also wear bow ties.

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Hopefully it won’t be so long til I get my next article done 🙂


By thetieguys

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